Ryanair on-time landing trumpet to sound its last
May 27th, 2014 by elisa

Ryanair’s on-time landing trumpet jingle will sound its last after passengers branded it “annoying”, “awful” and “cheesy”.

The airline has decided to stop playing the famous bugle, which sounds at the end of every flight that lands on time, after feedback from a Twitter-led survey.

The move is part of a series of customer service improvements started at the end of 2013. So far the airline has introduced ‘quiet’ flights with less in-flight announcements before 8am and after 8pm, it has also given passengers a 24-hour grace period in which to correct any minor errors made in bookings, and it’s removed the ‘Recaptcha’ security code for individual bookings.

A Ryanair spokesperson hinted that the bugle will be replaced by something else, and its “next customer improvement” will be unveiled soon.

BA best airline but outranked in value for money
May 5th, 2014 by elisa

Good news for British Airways, which has been ranked best airline in almost every category except value by a Skyscanner survey.

BA came first for its food and drink, onboard experience, its style and customer service in short-haul flights, but ranked third in ‘best value for money’. It was beaten by Easyjet in second place, and little-known airline, Norwegian, in first place.

Norwegian was a surprise contender and fared extremely well in the survey, biting at BA’s heels in second place for most of the categories.

Skyscanner’s Mary Porter said: “Being a Superbrand and one which Brits are very proud of, it’s perhaps not surprising that British Airways has scooped the top spot in our survey.

“However it is particularly interesting to see such strong results for a far less well-known airline, with Norwegian taking second place and goes to show that low cost does not necessarily mean an inferior product or service.”

The survey was of 4,000 British travellers, surveyed on their opinion of airlines’ short-haul flights from the UK.

Don’t carry your jacket and a book on a flight, you may get asked to leave!
Nov 18th, 2012 by elisa

Considering tying a jumper around your waist or slung over your arm while boarding a plane? Think again! According to a new passenger survey, passengers have been banned from flights for trying to board while carrying jumpers and jackets.

The survey, by Budget Airline Watch and WhichBudget, revealed the extent of the problem by reporting passengers which claim to have been banned from boarding flights for refusing to throw away “excess jumpers and jackets”; others have been charged for going over their baggage allowance by the weight of a bar of soap (100g), and were not allowed to redistribute the weight to another checked bag.

One passenger on Easyjet was asked if she’d mind leaving her check-in luggage behind because the aircraft was full to capacity. Passengers on various airlines had to return to the gate from the aircraft in order to double-check the size of their carry-on case, and in a well-publicised incident recently, a female passenger was arrested on a Ryanair flight for arguing with staff after allegedly trying to carry on a book and a scroll with her carry-on bag.

Of the 340 passengers who responded to the survey, two-thirds believed budget airlines to offer value for money, compared to only a third who thought they provided good service.  Topping the good service list was Easyjet, with Ryanair flying low at the bottom with 77% of passengers believing it to offer the worst service.

Jo Chipchase of consumer advice site Budget Airline Watch said: “The results of the survey highlight our overriding concern that profits gained through baggage fees and ancillary revenues are placed way ahead of customer service these days.

“It has reached the point where passengers expect to receive lousy treatment from budget airlines and try to work around it, as best they can. In the survey, we even had reports of check-in staff refusing to help passengers and swearing at them! And, all things considered, it’s hardly a big surprise that Ryanair has won the ‘worst customer service’ category.”


If you have had any luggage or other customer-service related experiences, please share them below.


Ryanair to be investigated by Irish and Spanish authorities
Sep 20th, 2012 by elisa

This July, three emergency landings were made in a day by Ryanair aircraft in Spain. The occurrence was unusual, and despite accusations that it was down to fuel concerns from pilots, the landings were blamed on thunderstorms in the area.

Now, however, Ryanair is to be jointly investigated by Spanish and Irish authorities following a further number of diversions and emergency landings in Spanish airspace. This particular investigation will focus on a Ryanair flight from Paris to Tenerife on Sunday, which had to be diverted to Madrid because of a technical fault. Spanish authorities are also concerned about the other incidents, including the three emergency landings, and an engine problem causing a flight from Bristol to Reus to be diverted to Barcelona.

In a joint statement, Ireland’s Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport and the Spanish Ministry of Development said they had met “to discuss oversight of Ryanair’s operation in Spain”.

After the meeting, the Irish Department of Transport said: “The Irish authorities gave an assurance of the Irish Aviation Authority’s rigorous oversight of Ryanair’s operations and on their satisfaction with Ryanair’s safety standards which are on a par with the safest airlines in Europe.”

Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara said the airline will provide the Spanish authorities with “unfettered access to Ryanair operating, maintenance and flight training facilities and unlimited access to Ryanair’s safety, flight management, engineering and maintenance personnel.”

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