Easyjet passengers allowed to use gadgets on flights
Apr 16th, 2014 by elisa

Easyjet passengers are now allowed to use personal electronic devices throughout their whole flight, including during take-off and landing.

Gadgets such as laptops, tablets and mobiles must be placed in ‘flight mode’ and mobiles cannot be used to make or receive calls or texts.

The move follows recent recommendations from the European Aviation Safety Agency, which have allowed for restrictions on the use of gadgets onboard aircraft to be relaxed.

Peter Duffy, Easyjet’s group commercial director, customer, product and marketing said: “We know that portable devices are an important part of our customers’ journey with us so we are pleased they can now use their electronic devices onboard in ‘Flight mode’ for the duration of their flight with us – we think this will be a popular change.”

Holiday insurance wish list
Apr 9th, 2014 by elisa

Don’t you wish your travel insurance would cover real holiday-spoilers such as inedible hotel food, rude hotel staff and bad weather? If so, then you’re not alone. 

According to a survey by comparison website Travel Insurance, over a third of travellers wish they could buy insurance against inedible hotel food.

The website asked 1,300 travellers about the things they wish they could insure against, that aren’t covered by typical travel insurance policies. Top of the wish list is delayed departures, on flights, ferries or trains. Currently many policies do provide some cover for delayed departures, but only to cover additional costs of being stuck in the airport for hours, not to compensate for lost holiday time.

Caroline Lloyd from Travel Insurance said: “For many people, their holiday is not only a chance to relax away from the everyday pressures of life, it’s a big financial commitment they have spent months, if not years, saving for. So it’s not surprising that they want the perfect getaway with no delays, top-notch food and accommodation – not an encounter with Basil Fawlty.

“While our survey takes a light-hearted look at the holiday-horrors people wish they could insure against, it gives us the opportunity to highlight the importance of travel insurance in protecting holidaymakers against the unexpected – from freak weather, illness or injury, or theft or loss of baggage.”

Results of the survey:

Rank  Insurance wish list %
1 Delayed departure (flights, ferries, trains, etc.) 51
2 Disappointing accommodation 44
3 Misleading brochure description of hotel and/or holiday resort 44
4 Inedible hotel food 34
5 Bad weather 31
6 A noisy room 22
7 Being plagued by drunken teenagers in the evening 18
8 Rude hotel/accommodation staff 15
9 Annoying fellow guests 12
10 Terrible organised entertainment 7
Severe weather hits UK
Feb 13th, 2014 by elisa

Severe weather battered large areas of the UK yesterday, causing widespread travel disruption. 

The storms were so bad that Virgin asked rail customers to ‘abandon travel’. All trains out of London Euston were cancelled, while many other rail services faced delays.

Flights struggled in 45mph winds with gusts of up to 80mph. One Flybe aircraft landed at Manchester Airport with its wing almost touching the runway. All flights were cancelled at Shannon Airport, and an empty aircraft parked at the gate was lifted into the air by gusts of wind, causing substantial damage when it fell back to the ground.

Ferry services are still affected, with the Stena Line service between Rosslare and Fishguard, P & O service between Dublin and Liverpool, and the Wightlink service between Portsmouth and Ryde all cancelled today. All P&O’s Dover to Calais services are delayed by 45 minutes.

Forecasters are predicting another Atlantic low tomorrow, which could bring with it more 80mph gales and possible travel disruption. It’s advisable to check with airlines regarding the status of your flights before leaving for the airport.

Budget ferries to France and Spain
Feb 10th, 2014 by elisa

For those of you who hate flying, but find it the cheapest way to travel abroad, you could be in luck. Brittany Ferries is launching its new no-frills service to France and Spain from 26th March.

Brittany Ferries économie is designed to appeal to passengers wishing to travel to France and Spain on a budget and without the onboard services normally available.

French catering will still be available, but with limited choice. Cabins won’t have carpets but will still have en-suite facilities; and entertainment will be limited to a movie lounge. There will be two specially adapted cabins for disabled passengers, and 12 pet-friendly cabins.

Group commercial director Mike Bevens said: “Whilst our services to western France have been established for many years, those to Spain are currently enjoying great success, so we are seeking ways to build on this and grow the market.

“We feel that there is an opening for a no-frills, great-value service which will appeal to those who are on a tight budget and may not have even considered travelling by ferry before.

“The Brittany Ferries promise has always been about “choice” – we have ten routes, plus high-speed services, as well as cruise ferries – and this is taking the concept one step further.”

There will be a weekend service between Portsmouth and Santander in northern Spain and five return crossings between Portsmouth and Le Havre, one as freight-only.

One-way fares start at £79 for a car plus two to France and £169 (including reclining seats) to Spain.

Bookings will open online shortly, but in the meantime registrations can be made by calling 0871 244 1400.

Ferry linking Ireland and western France and northern Spain
Dec 23rd, 2013 by elisa

A ferry service linking Ireland with western France and northern Spain will be launched by LD Lines on 7th January. 

The service will operate between Rosslare Europort in Ireland, St.Nazaire on the French west coast and the Spanish port of Gijón.

St.Nazaire is a gateway to popular holiday destinations such as Brittany and Bordeaux. Gijón is a good access port for self-drive holidays to Portugal and northern Spain.

Consider staying at Quinta Casal Maior (sleeps 13 + 4) in the little village of Lanheses between Ponte de Lima and Viana do Castelo where you can choose from activities such as surfing and windsurfing, visiting local festivals and outdoor markets, and also see many equestrian events in the exhibition centre in Ponte de Lima. 

Flybe scales back operations
Dec 9th, 2013 by elisa

Flybe picture by Flickr user khrawlings

Flybe picture by Flickr user khrawlings

Flybe is scaling back its operations by cutting another 24 routes across its network.

Starting from January 2014, the airline will withdraw 10 year-round, and 14 summer-only routes from the UK.

Already confirmed cancellations are Gatwick flights to Belfast City, Guernsey, Jersey, Inverness, Isle of Man, and Newcastle from 30th March 2014. Affected passengers are being contact to be offered an alternative Flybe flight were possible, or a full refund.

Cardiff and Glasgow to Paris services will stop in January, but will be temporarily reinstated from 20th to 24th February for the Six Nations Rugby tournament.

Chief commercial officer Paul Simmons said: “We recently announced that we would be reconfiguring our route network as part of a carefully planned strategy to optimise our operations.

“We have since taken a long hard look at all the routes we fly to make sure that our new schedule is what our customers really want and that they operate at the best possible times for everyone.”

Most of the latest closures will happen on 19th January but some are stopping on 5th January.

Year-round route withdrawals

Belfast City – Paris CDG 19.01.14

Bristol – Jersey 07.01.14

East Midlands – Paris CDG 13.01.14

Exeter – Newcastle 28.03.14

Glasgow – Shannon 05.01.14

Hannover – Southampton 19.01.14

Leeds Bradford – Southampton 19.01.14

Cardiff – Glasgow 19.01.14

Cardiff – Paris CDG 19.01.14

Glasgow – Paris CDG 19.01.14


Summer seasonal routes

Exeter – Barcelona

Southampton – Barcelona

Belfast City – Jersey

Bristol – Isle of Man

Edinburgh – Knock

Exeter – Nice

Isle of Man – Jersey

Isle of Man – Luton

Isle of Man – Southampton

Jersey – Luton

Jersey – Newcastle

Limoges – Newcastle


Southampton – Beziers

Promoted tweet criticises BA
Sep 8th, 2013 by elisa

Airline lost your luggage? One person was so annoyed that he paid Twitter $1,000 to promote his tweet about it across the UK and US leading it to go viral. 

Hasan Syed used Twitter’s self-service ad platform to tweet about British Airways losing luggage on a flight from Chicago. The tweet received 76,000 impressions in a couple of days and was picked up by news sites including CNN in the US and ITV in the UK. Promoted tweets appear in feeds and can be retweeted by any Twitter users.

Syed, Twitter handle @HVSVN, followed up the tweet with a series of posts accusing BA of allegedly losing his parent’s luggage on a trip to Paris.

It took BA four hours to respond to Syed via direct message: “Sorry for the delay in responding, our twitter feed is open 09:00-17:00 GMT. Please DM [direct message] your baggage ref and we’ll look into this.”

A BA spokesperson said: “We would like to apologise to the customer for the delay in receiving his bag. We contacted the customer and delivered his bag yesterday.”

Syed, widely admired for the bold tactic, tweeted: “I got what I wanted. I win.”


Travel delays in Greece and other parts of Europe expected today
Sep 26th, 2012 by elisa

Today’s 24-hour general strike in Greece, the first since the conservative-led coalition government was formed, is to disrupt flights to the country and have a knock-on effect on travel to other parts of Europe.

Air traffic controllers will walk out between 10:00 and 13:00hrs to join the general strike, with large demonstrations planned against the announcement of spending cuts of more than £9bn.

Easyjet has rescheduled dozens of flights, including services from the UK to Athens, the Greek islands and to Tenerife and Gibraltar.

The airline has also warned passengers that it is not just flights which are disrupted, but also public transport within Greece which may cause passengers delays in getting to the airport. It suggests passengers allow plenty of time to get to and from airports in the country. It said: “Although outside our control, Easyjet would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

In other news, the Foreign Office has issued a warning to visitors to Spain to avoid any demonstrations after protests in Madrid turned violent yesterday. More demonstrations are planned in Madrid at 18:00hrs, these are expected to take place in the heart of the city’s shopping district, the Plaza de España.




Needles found on in-flight sandwiches
Jul 18th, 2012 by elisa

Sewing needles found in turkey sandwiches served in-flight has provoked a full scale investigation involving the FBI.

The needles were found in six sandwiches on four Delta Airlines flights on Sunday. The sandwiches had been prepared by an international catering company in Amsterdam.

One passenger was injured, but declined medical attention. Once the discovery had been made, the airline stopped serving the sandwiches and changed to pizza instead. A call was also made to other flights from Amsterdam to warn of the situation. The needles were found on flights from Amsterdam, Atlanta and Seattle.

Delta said security for its meal production has been increased and it is using more pre-packaged food while the investigation continues.

2011 Round up
Jan 3rd, 2012 by elisa

Happy New Year to all our readers! Before we move on to this year’s news, here’s a round up of some of the biggest stories we covered on this blog in 2011, it certainly was an eventful year!

January started with the troubled BMI threatening to withdraw its Heathrow – Glasgow route after passenger charges at Heathrow were raised (this was confirmed a month later). Ryanair returned to Manchester with four new routes. And the political troubles in Egypt disrupted flights.

Spiraling conflict in Egypt caused complete cancellation of routes to popular holiday destinations in February. Meanwhile, Which? launched a super complaint on airline card fee charges,the cost of Qantas’ engine troubles were revealed, and airlines flying from the UK finally started to show clearer air fares.

March brought faster flight times under a deal signed by traffic controllers. But by far the biggest news of the month was the huge tsunami which hit Japan and led to re-routing of flights to avoid possible radiation risk, and advice to leave Tokyo.

A Skyscanner survey found Spain back in favour for British holidaymakers in April.

In May Belfast Airport started to charge for going for a cigarette break, and the ongoing battle between Unite and British Airways was finally settled!

More natural disasters happened in June with violent aftershocks in Christchurch, New Zealand and volcanic eruptions in Chile.

The News of the World phone-hacking scandal broke in July with airlines withdrawing their advertisements as a result.

In August research revealed the use of smartphones were ruining people’s holidays.

The Rugby World Cup was held in New Zealand in September, where Wales’ hopes were dashed.

The first biofuel passenger flight took place in October, however green campaigners claimed it wasn’t as environmentally friendly as everyone thought.

Europe announced a ban on body scanners at airports in November, but the UK decided to go against the decision.

Finally, December saw 150mph winds hit parts of Scotland, which is where we are now at the start of 2012 as tremendous winds continue to batter the UK once more.


So, what travel news is in store for 2012? Keep up to date here!


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