World Cup fans could spend £5,000 phoning home
June 3rd, 2014 by elisa

Phone charges abroad can be a tricky issue, particularly when you’re on a contract, where your phone bill for calling home could skyrocket with roaming charges before you know it. 

Today’s Metro newspaper reports that England football fans visiting Brazil for the World Cup could end up with around £5,000 mobile phone bills due to the uncapped roaming charges in the host country.

Price comparison website, is warning fans that they could be charged £465 a day because the charges are uncapped, plus they could spend £22 for a five minute phone call or to send 10 texts back home.

“Data caps that most networks will automatically opt customers into are very easy to opt out of by text – and it can be tempting to do so, particularly if footie fans get carried away by World Cup fever and want to send a picture message via Whatsapp or Skype friends and family from the stadium,” said’s Ernest Doku. offers a special Brazil data SIM card to avoid the expensive data charges with 30 day packages starting at £59.99.

If you have a smartphone it is probably wise to turn off the data roaming option on your phone all together, only switching it on when you really need it. Contacting your network provider to check costs before you go away, and if there are any special international data/call bundles would be wise; plus consider using a local SIM card to make cheaper calls to your fellow fans while in Brazil.

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