Too small pyjamas delay flight
August 15th, 2012 by elisa

Picture by Flickr User pmarkham

First class air travel is expensive. So expectations regarding the service and amenities are understandably high. So high in fact, that according to a report in the Herald Sun, two first class passengers on a flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne asked to be taken off the aircraft because they had not been provided with size XL in-flight pyjamas.

The pair refused the offer of pyjamas from business class and demanded to be taken off the flight and have their bags returned to them. Meanwhile, the captain of the Qantas flight made the announcement that it  would be delayed because of the pyjama mix up. Far from being annoyed, passengers waiting to fly burst out laughing at the explanation.

There was a 30-minute delay before departure but the plane still managed to land in Melbourne on time.

Would you complain about being given the wrong size of pyjamas on a first class flight? Should the passengers have compromised or were they well within their rights to complain?

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