To go to Greece, or not to go?
May 29th, 2012 by elisa

Consumer watchdog Which? is advising holidaymakers considering a trip to Greece to book package holidays to protect their money. The advice comes as the fear grows that the country might exit the eurozone this summer.

It advised that holidaymakers who still wish to book independent holidays use credit cards to book flights and buy travel insurance with supplier failure cover.

Last week, a senior economist warned tourists visiting the country could face fuel and food shortages if Greece defaults on its debts and leaves the euro. This, in turn, prompted the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises to highlight that tourists could get brilliant value for money as hoteliers and restaurants reduce their prices in order to attract more visitors.

In contrast to this, a survey by search website, Skyscanner, revealed that the country is still more expensive for a one-week holiday than Portugal, Spain, Morocco, France and Egypt. When Skyscanner looked at the daily cost of living in Greece, it ranked 17th place in the world, even more expensive than Iceland and Japan, which have a reputation for being expensive.


What do you think? Will the lower cost holidays tempt you? Or is the economic situation too unstable to risk it?

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