No delays at Heathrow
November 30th, 2011 by elisa

According to an article in the Telegraph, those landing at Heathrow today did not face the horrendous queues and delays predicted before the strikes. In fact, it seems that processing passengers through customs was even quicker than normal!

The airport had drafted in special ‘volunteers’ from other sectors of non-striking civil service that had been trained a month in advance of the strike and were overseen by members of staff not involved in the strike. BAA had brought in piles of water bottles and chocolate bars at immigration boarder control for passengers if the queues went on for too long, but not even a break down of the iris scanners slowed down the pace.

Many felt that they were getting VIP treatment as they were guided around by volunteers in purple ‘help’ sashes and many were even outnumbered by the baggage reclaim staff.

British traveller Victoria Malloy said she had feared the worst as she landed from her flight from New York: “We were told in the plane there would be delays of between eight to 12 hours. But it’s never been so quick. I’ll make sure I travel during a strike next time,” she said.

Some airlines had cancelled flights or flown at half capacity as a preventative measure, which seemed to contribute to today’s smooth running of boarder control.


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