Add-on charges could be a thing of the past
May 16th, 2011 by elisa

Those annoying extra charges by airlines could be a thing of the past if the European Commission has anything to do with it. Extra charges include checking in online, hold luggage and credit card payments, as well as Ryanair’s latest $2 per passenger charge to cover compensation payments such as those needed during the ash crisis.

The commission’s vice-president and transport chief Siim Kallas has been asked to prevent airlines from slapping customers with additional fees since Ryanair’s compensation charge.

Ryanair paid out £88m to passengers left stranded during the ash cloud crisis, but a report in The Mirror said it could earn £150m from the fee. The paper said Labour Euro MP and chairman of the EU transport committee Brian Simpson has written to Kallas, who is leading a review of the rights of air passengers and has asked for additional charges like these to be banned.

Simpson wants a one price for one flight approach to be taken by airlines, so that passengers will only pay the advertised fare. Ryanair however, claims its passenger compensation fee is included in all its advertised fares.


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