Ryanair challenge report over ash crisis
May 3rd, 2011 by elisa

Icelandic volcano eruption picture by Flickr user fridgeirsson

A report by Icelandic and Danish scientists which justified the closure of European airspace during the ash crisis last year has prompted Ryanair to brand it as ‘nonsensical’.

The airline claims there was no evidence of any volcanic ash over large swathes of the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal or the Canary Islands following the April 2010 eruption, which meant there was no reason to close such a large amount of airspace.

The report was published last weekend and the airline has called upon the scientists to explain their findings when aircraft fly around 30-50kms away from volcanic eruptions in Alaska and southeast Asia without any threat to safety.

“There was no justification for the closure of airspace over locations such as the Canary Islands which was more than 3,000 kms removed from the volcanic eruption in Iceland and where there was no evidence of any volcanic ash whatsoever,” it said.

The airline claimed the report was designed to “cover the embarrassment’ of scientists and regulators who completely cocked up and mismanaged the closure of much of Europe’s airspace”.


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