Flybe faces problems from pilots before stock market float
December 8th, 2010 by elisa

Flybe is to begin a stock market floatation to raise £60m but is facing dissent among its 700 pilots. The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) is accusing the airline of ignoring February’s submitted pay claim and of not addressing pilots’ concerns about their pensions and working patterns.

It claims it had told the airline of its concerns about the ‘inefficiency of working patterns’ over a year ago but nothing has changed.

BALPA head of industrial relations Reg Allen said: “Flybe appears to have put all of its resources into its flotation via an IPO and that says much about the regard in which it holds its pilots.

“I would remind Flybe that its pilots have helped the company through difficult times, especially by deferring their 2009/2010 pay claim, and they are now resolved that the next settlement will give them a fair deal.

“The 700 pilots we represent have made it quite clear they want a decent settlement this time, and the company would be ill-advised to have its eye only on the float. And those thinking of investing will want to know that Flybe management is alive to these pilot demands.”

Flybe insists that it is discussing issues as part of structured negotiations with BALPA. A spokesperson for the airline said: “Flybe has a good record of industrial relations and is one of the few airlines to have avoided redundancy in the recent recession and one of the few to have continued pilot recruitment.

“Further discussions are being scheduled with BALPA which we hope will progress matters further.”

 The spokesperson added: “As the IPO will lead to the one third of our employees realising value in the company and will lead to all employees having the chance to become shareholders we are surprised that Reg Allen has chosen to raise issues in this way.”

Over a third of the companies employees are already shareholders.

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