Don’t get caught unawares by unusual foreign laws
July 23rd, 2010 by elisa

Italy has taken tourists and press by surprise by introducing over 150 ‘public security’ laws this month. Agents are being urged to warn clients of activities that could unwittingly land them in trouble on holiday.

The top ten most peculiar laws, not just in Italy, have been published in an article by Skyscanner. These include refraining from flushing toilets in Swiss apartments after 10pm and  a ban on sandcastles in Eraclea near Venice.

One law in Vigevano, near Milan, which bans people from sitting in the shade at the foot of a monument has already resulted in an arrest; and a couple have also been charged with wearing ‘excessively’ noisy flip flops in Italian resort of Capri!

These may seem absurd but the British Foreign Office is seriously concerned that more holidaymakers will fall foul of these laws. It is urging travellers to spend some time researching local laws before their holiday. Travel agents could also help by passing on any unusual customs they may know about.

Other unusual laws include a ban on chewing gum in Singapore, kissing in public in Dubai and smoking tobacco – but not cannabis – in cafes in Amsterdam.

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