Restrictions in England and Wales airspace until 7am tomorrow
April 16th, 2010 by elisa

No flights will be able to operate from airports in England and Wales until 07.00 at the earliest tomorrow morning. Some flights may be able to operate over Scotland and Northern Island from 19.00 this evening including transatlantic flights, NATS said this afternoon.

The restrictions follow a review of latest Met Office information as the volcanic ash cloud moves south through the UK and the eruption in Iceland continues.

“We are looking for opportunities when the ash cloud moves sufficiently for us to enable some flights to operate under individual co-ordination with ATC. ” a statement said.

A further review of Met Office information is planned at 20.30 this evening.

“We continue to work with airports, airlines and the rest of Europe to understand and mitigate the implications of the volcanic eruption,” NATS said.

A BAA spokesman said: We have been advised by National Air Traffic Services that English and Welsh airspace remains closed, and that all flights to and from Heathrow and Stansted are suspended until 07.00 tomorrow at the earliest.

“Passengers should not travel to these airports until further notice, and should remain in touch with their airlines.

“Flights within Scotland and between our Scottish airports and North America and Ireland could resume from 19.00 today, but we strongly advise passengers to check the status of their flight with the relevant airline before travelling to the airport. Not all flights will operate from these airports.”

Unfortunately it is very difficult for experts to predict when the eruptions will stop, it could go on for a couple of weeks or even months, and also there are fears that the currently erupting volcano could set off its neighbouring, much larger, volcano.

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