Ryanair losing online visibility according to new research
February 11th, 2010 by elisa

Ryanair has lost almost 60% of its visibility online since September, according to analysis of key search terms used when consumers use the Internet to find a flight. Ryanair held fourth position in the third quarter of 2009 but by the last three months of the year EasyJetcame in at fourth place whereas Ryanair dropped to thirty-two.

Flight price comparison company Cheapflights also saw a 25% drop in search visibility dropping from position two to eight.

The independent research was carried out by search marketing agency Greenlight who determined the best positioned and most visible websites in the online flights sector based on the volumes for each keyword.

The company identified the 3,200 of the most commonly used search terms by UK web users. They cumulatively delivered 28.1 million searches for flight-related terms in December. The term ‘Flight’ accounted for 59% of all flight-related searches.

Short-haul destinations, mainly within Europe, accounted for almost 5.3 million searches in December. Long haul flight search volumes fell 43% since September although when compared to domestic and short haul, they decreased the least.

New York, Bangkok and Australia were the most popular destinations.

In natural searches and with 89% share of voice in December, SkyScanner ranked first place on page one of Google for 445 of the 3,200 keywords analysed, including the most searched for term – ‘Flight’. Travelsupermarket followed with 72% visibility and Expedia followed with 57%.

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