Holiday insurance wish list
Apr 9th, 2014 by elisa

Don’t you wish your travel insurance would cover real holiday-spoilers such as inedible hotel food, rude hotel staff and bad weather? If so, then you’re not alone. 

According to a survey by comparison website Travel Insurance, over a third of travellers wish they could buy insurance against inedible hotel food.

The website asked 1,300 travellers about the things they wish they could insure against, that aren’t covered by typical travel insurance policies. Top of the wish list is delayed departures, on flights, ferries or trains. Currently many policies do provide some cover for delayed departures, but only to cover additional costs of being stuck in the airport for hours, not to compensate for lost holiday time.

Caroline Lloyd from Travel Insurance said: “For many people, their holiday is not only a chance to relax away from the everyday pressures of life, it’s a big financial commitment they have spent months, if not years, saving for. So it’s not surprising that they want the perfect getaway with no delays, top-notch food and accommodation – not an encounter with Basil Fawlty.

“While our survey takes a light-hearted look at the holiday-horrors people wish they could insure against, it gives us the opportunity to highlight the importance of travel insurance in protecting holidaymakers against the unexpected – from freak weather, illness or injury, or theft or loss of baggage.”

Results of the survey:

Rank  Insurance wish list %
1 Delayed departure (flights, ferries, trains, etc.) 51
2 Disappointing accommodation 44
3 Misleading brochure description of hotel and/or holiday resort 44
4 Inedible hotel food 34
5 Bad weather 31
6 A noisy room 22
7 Being plagued by drunken teenagers in the evening 18
8 Rude hotel/accommodation staff 15
9 Annoying fellow guests 12
10 Terrible organised entertainment 7
Travel insurance – check the small print
Feb 27th, 2013 by elisa

How often do you just take the first available travel insurance you find? Or just the cheapest? You might think that they’re all pretty similar, but you’d be wrong, and you could come unstuck if you don’t follow the small print.

A recent survey by consumer rights champion Which? found that out of all insurance products, travel insurance had the highest claim rejection rate and lowest satisfaction amongst consumers.

The most frequently rejected claims were for holidays cancelled because of a relative falling ill, failing to report a loss or theft to police within 24 hours, and lost or stolen belongings not being supervised to the satisfaction of the insurer.

The report said: “We thought asking for loss or thefts to be reported within 24 hours to police was not always possible. Look for policies that don’t put a time limit on when you have to report the incident to the police.

“We also found that insurers can interpret the definition of “unattended belongings” too strictly, we preferred policies which offered cover as long as luggage is “carried in line with a transport provider’s requirements”.

It also found that on examination of 10 large insurers’ policies, some travellers were expected to declare pre-existing medical conditions for relatives, including cousins.

“We think this is unreasonable and advise people to look for policies that restrict this exclusion to relatives’ conditions of which they are aware,” it said.

A spokesperson for Which? added: “Travel insurance policies can be complicated, so it’s no surprise that people can be confused by the small print.

“We advise people read through the policy document before signing anything. If you have a claim rejected, the financial ombudsman can take up your case if an appeal with the insurer fails.”

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