Smartphone users don’t browse, they ring
Feb 28th, 2014 by elisa

What’s the point of using a smartphone to book travel online when you are just going to ring the company anyway?

According to a new study from Google, 94% of smartphone users resort to contacting a business direct when searching products on their phone.

The travel sector’s click-to-call service, when mobile users can click through to call the company, has proved to be particularly popular. The service is mainly used during the purchase phase, and over half of the 1,500 people questioned would call a travel business to change their reservation or booking.

40% of people using their phones to search will resort to phoning a company when reserving a hire car, 37% when searching hotels, and 30% when looking at flights.

According to IAB Travel Audit 2013, 42% of the top 50 UK travel companies optimise their search results for mobile, and 45% of those use the click to call service.

Websites can only give so much information, and these results seem to show that many of us still like to conduct certain transactions person to person.

Planes without windows
Feb 24th, 2014 by elisa

The days of peeking out of the little aeroplane window on your journey could be coming to an end, thanks to a new aircraft design.

Spike Aerospace, the designers of a new supersonic jet, say windows add weight to an aircraft, so removing them from the design altogether will reduce drag and make the plane fly faster.

Instead, there will be display screens embedded in the wall. These will show the view from outside of the cabin, with footage fed from cameras mounted on the outside of the aircraft. Passengers will be able to dim the screens or change the images.

Spike Aerospace claims it will launch the first supersonic S-512 business jet in 2018, with the capability of reaching destinations in half the current journey time. For example, passengers will be able to fly from New York to London in three to four hours, and from Los Angeles to Tokyo in eight hours.

In a statement the company said: “We expect the first customers for the jet will be businesses and their management teams that need to manage global operations more efficiently.

“They will be able to reach destinations faster, evaluate more opportunities and have a bigger impact on their enterprises.

“In time, supersonic travel will be available to everyone so they can explore more of the world, faster.”

British Airways’ interactive billboards
Nov 27th, 2013 by elisa

We’ve all wondered where a plane flying overhead might be going, what exotic location and the sort of people going there. Now those questions can be answered, at least the destination part anyway, on the new BA interactive billboards.

British Airways’ global creative technology agency, Ogilvy 12th Floor, developed the billboards for the latest ‘magic of flying campaign’ to be shown in Chiswick in west London and in London’s Piccadilly.

Aircraft flying overhead are tracked and the billboard display is interrupted as the plane flies overhead with a picture of a child pointing at it, accompanied by its flight number and departure destination. For example, it may read “It’s the BA0234 from Los Angeles,” and be followed by some other relevant information about the route or an offer.

BA head of UK and Ireland sales Richard Tams said: “Sometimes we forget how magical flying can be. The first time anyone gets on a plane is an unforgettable experience and we want to remind our customers of that feeling.

“We’ve all had conversations with friends and family wondering where the planes are going and dream of an amazing holiday or warm destination and this clever technology taps in to that and reminds people how accessible the world can be.”



Passengers don’t want to pay for inflight wi-fi
Apr 22nd, 2013 by elisa

According to a recent survey, passengers are not willing to pay extra for wi-fi on flights. Some even believe that internet access is fast becoming a human right – see the full story on Duneroot.

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