The UK’s most punctual airport
Apr 16th, 2014 by elisa

The UK’s most punctual airport is London City, according to the latest figures from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Across the 10 airports monitored last year, 80% of flights were on time. At London City, however, 89% were on time. Heathrow is at the bottom of the list with 24% of flights delayed.

The average delay of all scheduled flights monitored in the last quarter was the same as last year, at 12 minutes.

Iain Osborne, group director for regulatory policy at the CAA, said: “Whilst it is pleasing to see the majority of passengers arrived at their destination in good time at the end of last year, our figures show that too many people still had their flights disrupted by delays.

“We also know there were a number of cancellations during December that will have disrupted other passengers.

“Some severe weather clearly played a part in this, but there is still room for improvement. Airports, airlines and air traffic control service providers all have a role to play in delivering that improvement and it is vital they work together to make sure fewer passengers have their journeys disrupted by delays and cancellations”.

Flybe criticises lack of passenger compensation
Dec 10th, 2013 by elisa

As a decision is being made over airline compensation for the grounded flights over the weekend, Flybe has hit out at the lack of compensation for passengers.

A technical glitch in the NATS air traffic control phone systems at the weekend caused flights to be severely delayed or cancelled in both the UK and abroad. Under current rules, passengers are not entitled to compensation as the glitch was out of the airlines’ control. However, Flybe has criticised air traffic control for washing its hands of any compensation to passengers hit by the “fiasco”. It said that it’s unacceptable that airlines have to “pick up the tab”.

Chief commercial officer Paul Simmons said: “It’s clearly not a fair system when NATS can wash their hands of any financial compensation to the millions of passengers who were let down. But the airlines once again have to act as ‘the Insurers of last resort’ and pick up the tab. That’s really not acceptable.”

170 Flybe flights were scheduled for Saturday 7th December, but only 27% of the services left within 15 minutes of their scheduled departure time, and four were cancelled.

NATS is currently carrying out an investigation into what went wrong with the system. Its regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority, is waiting for the results before deciding on compensation for airlines.

More travel companies to fail?
Oct 25th, 2010 by jason

The collapse of Greece and Turkey holiday specialist Goldtrail in July won’t be the last this year, say travel industry experts.

Nick Harris of law firm Simpson Millar, which specialises in travel compensation claims, says companies in difficulty will often survive during the summer when business is good.

It is usually in the autumn when travel firms go bust. The timing of the Goldtrail failure is concerning but I doubt it will be the only travel business to face closure in 2010.

There is concern about the growing number of holidays created by ‘dynamic packaging’, where agents or operators put together what looks like a package holiday by buying the different elements – mainly flights and accommodation – separately. Some such providers are not accredited by ATOL, ABTA or the CAA, leaving travellers with no or limited protection if the company goes bust.

My advice to travellers is to avoid dynamic packaging where possible, said Mr Harris, or make sure that providers are accredited and have a solid reputation.

What this means for anyone booking a villa holiday is that it’s best either to buy a complete package from a villa specialist, with ATOL or ABTA accreditation, or else to book the flight and villa separately yourself, ensuring the flight provider is covered by ATOL accreditation.

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