Value of holiday sometimes blocked by perception
Jun 10th, 2010 by elisa

In recent research by flight search engine Skyscanner there are some differences between the actual cost and value of a holiday in comparison to what people generally perceive for certain holiday destinations.

Skyscanner asked around 1,500 people several questions about how they view different holiday destinations around the world. The first question asked was to note whether a country in a list of 30 was ‘cheap’ or ‘expensive’. Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Denmark topped the list. However, research into the actual cost of holidaying in each country revealed that, the priciest hot-spot was actually France.

Brazil was perceived to be just outside the top ten cheapest places to visit, when in actual fact it was the fourth most expensive, along with Russia as the fifth, which was also viewed as a cheaper destination.

When it came to asking people about the cheapest places, the perception was a lot closer to the reality with respondents correctly identifying places such as Thailand and Morocco as some of the cheapest.

According to the price research the most budget-friendly countries currently are Cyprus, Greece, South Africa, Dominican Republic and Morocco.

Results changed however, when the cost of flights were incorporated into the mix, long haul destinations made for more expensive destinations in total, such as New Zealand shooting from the top ten cheapest destinations, to one of the top ten most expensive!

I’ve put the whole research below to help you make your own mind up about where to go on holiday if budget is a factor:

Perceived Country Cost Ranking Actual Country Cost Ranking Actual Country Cost Ranking Including Flights
1.        Sweden 1.        France 1.        Japan
2.        Norway 2.        Switzerland 2.        Brazil
3.        Switzerland 3.        Denmark 3.        France
4.        Denmark 4.        Brazil 4.        Switzerland~
5.        Dubai 5.        Russia 5.        Denmark
6.        Iceland 6.        Japan# 6.        Australia
7.        Japan 7.        Italy 7.        Mexico
8.        Italy 8.        Spain 8.        New Zealand
9.        France 9.        Iceland 9.        Russia
10.     Germany 10.     Mexico 10.     Canada
11.     Australia 11.     Canada 11.     Italy
12.     New Zealand 12.     Dubai 12.     Iceland
13.     Canada 13.     Sweden+ 13.     USA
14.     Cyprus 14.     Germany 14.     Dubai
15.     South Africa 15.     Croatia 15.     Spain
16.     Russia 16.     Australia 16.     South Africa
17.     Greece 17.     USA 17.     Thailand
18.     Portugal 18.     Norway 18.     India
19.     Spain 19.     Portugal 19.     Dominican Republic
20.     USA 20.     Turkey 20.     Croatia
21.     Brazil 21.     Poland 21.     Sweden+
22.     Dominican Republic 22.     New Zealand 22.     Germany
23.     Croatia 23.     India 23.     Turkey
24.     Egypt 24.     Egypt 24.     Egypt
25.     Poland 25.     Thailand 25.     Norway**
26.     Turkey 26.     Morocco 26.     Portugal
27.     Mexico 27.     Dominican Republic 27.     Poland
28.     Morocco 28.     South Africa 28.     Morocco
29.     Thailand 29.     Greece 29.     Greece
30.     India 30.     Cyprus 30.     Cyprus
New South Africa section on Villaseek
Feb 20th, 2009 by Tom Kerswill

Hi everyone,

I’ve added a new section on Villaseek featuring villas in South Africa. We’re hoping to add more villas to this section in the coming week, so if you’re planning a self-booked holiday in South Africa, this should be a great resource for you!

I’ll also be adding a few more of the travel articles we’ve written on South Africa (from Holiday Villas magazine) – I’ll let you know via the blog when we’ve got them up on line!

Tom K

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