US ban on laptop use during take-off lifted
June 26th, 2013 by elisa

The ‘outdated’ ban on passengers using laptops during aircraft take-off and landing is to be lifted in the US

The Federal Aviation Authority of the US will formally unveil its findings in September, but it is believed that the use of laptops, iPads and electronic readers during taxi, take-off and landing do not interfere with navigation systems in the way once thought.

Mobile phones must remain switched off, however, as they were not a part of the research.

The findings from the study could lead to a worldwide relaxation of the rules which stop passengers from using such devices. The Civil Aviation Authority said it would be interested in viewing the study before considering whether to do further research on the subject.

A spokesman said: “We will look at the FAA study and if we think we need to do more work, we will. It’s very important that we are all joined up and if we can learn something in the UK, we will look at what they’ve done.”

He added that there is still research and anecdotal evidence that electromagnetic interference by mobile phones can cause concern during critical points such as take-off and landing. He said that they would also need to be sure that there is not a cumulative  effect of the use of electronic devices on a full aircraft.

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