Gadget to prove mishandling of your luggage
February 8th, 2013 by elisa

DropTag picture by Cambridge Consultants

DropTag picture by Cambridge Consultants

A nifty new gadget that can recognise when an item of luggage is dropped or handled without care has just been patented. 

DropTag can be attached to any luggage or package and uses a motion sensor to intelligently identify when the package has been mishandled. It will also send a warning message through an app on the owner’s mobile phone.

“The explosion in internet shopping has led to a huge increase in the number of parcel deliveries,” said Tom Lawrie-Fussey, business development manager at Cambridge Consultants. “But we’re probably all guilty of signing for a delivery on our doorstep without taking the time to unpack the items to check that the contents are in good condition. We’re then faced with the hassle of having to arrange the return of any damaged goods.”

The invention has a maximum range of around 50m indoors, so parcels can be tracked in real time (if data is received by a GPS enabled device) as they are moved around a warehouse or carried at the back of a van. This means that the package can be checked at each stage of its journey, accurately reporting on when a drop or mishandling has occurred.

Patent has been granted, but commercial development (they plan to sell them in high street shops for around £5) can only be achieved if investment is secured. If this product is developed, then you needn’t worry about baggage handlers playing rugby with your suitcase; or at least it can be proved if they do!

See cambridgeconsultants for more information.

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