Three Ryanair emergency landings in one day
August 17th, 2012 by elisa

Aviation authorities in Spain have launched an investigation into three low-fuel emergency landings of Ryanair aircraft in one day last month.

The flights were diverted from Madrid to Valencia due to thunderstorms in the area. They had been asked to hold, but after an hour, the pilots rissued the mayday call to land immediately to save using up reserve fuel supplies.

The Irish Airline Pilots Association have accused the airline of making pilots uneasy about taking on too much fuel on flights. Ryanair denies the accusation and said it would never put fuel concerns before safety.

Ryanair spokesman, Stephen McNamara said: “This was an extremely unusual situation. These aircraft, which had already flown for three hours to get to Madrid, found that Madrid could not let them in, so they diverted to Valencia. They already had 70 minutes of extra flying when they realised they had to, as per the regulation, land. They know they have to land with 30 minutes of contingency fuel remaining”.

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