Martial arts training for cabin crew
April 14th, 2012 by elisa

There will be no unruly passengers on Hong Kong Airlines‘ flights once they realise that the cabin crew have been trained in martial arts!

The airline, which flies between London and Hong Kong, said the Wing Chun training would enable flight attendants to “deal with any potential challenges.”

Wing Chun is primarily taught as self-defence, with the moves designed to work within a confined space, such as onboard an aircraft. Cabin crew have all received three hours training with an expert in the martial art to ensure competency; and as part of the training they wear their uniforms to prepare for real life situations.

Hong Kong Airlines’ president Yang Jian Hong said: “Aside from the obvious physical, mental and safety benefits, this demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional passenger service.

“The initiative has proved so popular with our flight attendants that we are now offering the training to our internal staff.”




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