Futuristic travel closer than you think
January 11th, 2012 by elisa

By 2020 travel could become a very different ballgame to what we’re used to now, according to the From Chaos to Collaboration report commissioned by technology expert Amadeus.

The report had six key findings:

1. The next generation of experience: Technologies such as augmented reality, gamification mechanisms and smart mobile devices will transform the travel experience.

2. Automatic transit:  Chips, biometrics, long range fingerprinting and near field communications (NFC) can be deployed in a more integrated way to help with speedy check-in and walk through of immigration.

3. Payment with memory: All data on payments made before and during a trip will be integrated, acting as a digital memory of expenditure and activity for individuals, groups and travel industry operators. Intelligent passenger records and contactless technologies could be used to personalise services delivering higher value and more profitable relationships.

4. Intelligent recommendation: As technologies make it easier for people to tag and review all aspects of travel experiences, travellers will be more influenced by peer groups and expert curators.

5. Taking the stress out of travel: Intelligent luggage tags and tickets will give greater reassurance whilst m-Health (mobile-Health) applications will allow travellers to manage and monitor their health and well-being as if they were at home.

6. The business tourist: Continued emphasis on work-life balance and well-being at work may see the rise of the business tourist.

Andrew Curry, director and co-author The Futures Company (which developed the report), said: “We wanted to avoid making techno-centric assumptions about the future of travel – and painting a picture of flying cars and intelligent robots in a world that is otherwise unchanged from today.

“We hope that this study will challenge, provoke and stimulate thinking around how we will all be travelling in the future.”


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