Europe bans airport scanners
November 17th, 2011 by elisa

According to the Metro, the controversial airport x-ray scanners have been banned by Brussels over fears that they could cause cancer.

The scanners hit the headlines initially over the images that made people appear naked, which caused concerns over privacy and dignity of passengers. Now the focus is on the low doses of radiation they emit when in use, as initial research suggests that up to 100 US airline passengers could get cancer from them each year.

However, the Health Protection Agency said: “The radiation dose from an examination of two or three scans is less than that received from two minutes flying at cruising altitude.”

The scanners have been tested in Germany, France, Italy, Finland and Holland but will be banned from using the scanners in April next year. Manchester airport has been told it has another year’s use of them as they have 16 of the £80,000 machines, and do not let anyone board an aircraft if they refuse to go through them.

Britain could be given a fine if it ignores the ban, as it has argued that the scans are a “proportionate response to a very real terrorist threat”.

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