Staff paid to spot over-sized luggage
November 16th, 2011 by elisa

Trying to squeeze your possessions in might not be your only problem! Photo by Flickr user gorriti


Check-in staff for Ryanair are being paid to spot over-sized hand luggage and make people put them in the hold at an extra charge.

According to the Daily Mail, the Servisair staff at Liverpool John Lennon Airport receive £5 for every 10 pieces of checked in hand luggage. Ryanair charges up to £55 each way for baggage checked in at the airport, so spotting over-sized luggage is an important factor for the airline.

A spokesperson for Servisair said passengers were aware of terms and conditions relating to luggage. Ryanair said passengers were allowed to take a bag weighing up to 10kg on board and only those exceeding the free allowance would be charged.

Have you ever been ‘caught out’ with an over-sized piece of hand luggage by Ryanair or any other airline for that matter? How much were you charged to put the luggage into the hold?


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