Brits avoiding the Olympics
August 1st, 2011 by elisa

While the 2012 Olympics are good news for inbound tourism, it looks set to send many of us abroad to avoid them. A survey by PriceWaterCoopers has revealed that nearly four million Brits are planning to avoid the games completely by going abroad, while two million will alter their plans as a result of the event.

The study took a representative sample of over 2,000 consumers exactly a year before the start of the Games. The results were mixed,  37% of UK residents felt positively about the Olympics,with the percentage rising to 46% in London. However, with regards to the economy the results were flipped the other way with only 48% of Londoners believing the event will have a positive impact on the economy, compared to 54% of the rest of the UK.

Of those surveyed, only 4% of the UK successfully purchased tickets with an average of £196.42 spent on each ticket allocation.

Another PwC survey assessed the attitudes towards the Olympics of over 500 managers of more than five employees. 63%, believe the Games will have little impact on their business, while 69% believe there will be a positive impact on the UK economy in the short term.


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