BA have two emergency landings in one day
June 21st, 2011 by elisa

British Airways had two emergency landings in the same day. A 1.35pm flight from London to Malaga had mechanical problems just hours after a flight from Glasgow to London was forced to make an emergency landing.

The worst luck was for several passengers who were on both flights, after transferring at Gatwick from the Glasgow service to the Malaga-bound aircraft. Perhaps understandably they are now demanding an apology from the airline.

BA’s 10am flight from Glasgow to London, with 116 passengers on board, was met by fire engines at Gatwick airport after there was a loss of cabin pressure at 30,000 feet, triggering the release of passenger oxygen masks.

Hours later, the aircraft carrying 124 passengers to Malaga developed a landing gear fault 30 minutes after take-off, again causing oxygen masks to fall down and forcing the pilot to return to Gatwick.

Both aircraft were Boeing 737s and the incidents have sparked passengers to question the safety of the aircraft. One passenger told the Daily Record: “To have two emergency landings in a row is pretty worrying. The fact BA did not even apologise to us seems incredible to me.

“It also made me think whether it draws into question the safety of the aircraft.”


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