Manchester Airport calls for lower regional air taxes
June 14th, 2011 by elisa

A new campaign has been launched by Manchester Airport to persuade the government to introduce lower air taxes for flights from regional airports than from London.

The Chancellor George Osborne announced an air passenger duty consultation in his March Budget, and Manchester Airport is asking passengers to write to ask for a regionalised taxation system before this Friday’s deadline.

Customers will be given a pre-written postcard asking the Chancellor to consider a lower level of APD for regional airports. They will then be able to post them in special mail boxes in Terminals 1 and 2.

The airport’s external affairs director Jonathan Bailey said: “This is the last chance for passengers to have their say on the proposed changes that could seriously affect their future holidays and business trips.

“Many UK travellers are unaware that they pay the highest levels of flight tax in Europe but they have an opportunity to have their say and make their voice heard to Government.

“We are asking our passengers to show their support and help convince the Government that a regionalised tax system could work in the long term and provide a stronger aviation industry for the UK.”

Bailey added that passengers that fly from regional airports tend to be more price sensitive than those at London airports, which could make regional airports less attractive to airlines.

Earlier this year, Manchester Airport lent its support to ABTA’s ‘A Fair Tax on Flying’ campaign to call on the Government to make the aviation tax system in the UK fairer.

What do you think about this? Is a lower tax fairer or is it mildly insulting to insinuate that people travelling from regional airports are more ‘price sensitive’ than those in London? Comments in the box below!


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