The future of airport security
June 9th, 2011 by elisa

The future of airport security was unveiled at the IATA‘s annual meeting in Singapore this week. The three security lane’s would direct travellers through based on their perceived security risk.

The lanes would be classed as “known traveller,” “normal” and “enhanced” security.

Passengers would be assigned a lane to walk through after presenting a passport or another document with a biometric identifier. The decision would be based on “a risk assessment conducted by the government before the passenger arrives at the airport”.

How do people of this blog feel about this particular system? Some concerns could be that if other passengers see a person walking through the “enhanced security” lane that then appears on their flight may feel uneasy about that person during their journey. Another point would be the indignation of being put through the enhanced security lane perhaps because you are from a country which is perceived to have travellers which could pose a security risk and therefore feel discriminated against. On the positive side however, regular fliers would not have to go through as rigorous security.


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