450 Brits missing following Japan’s quake and tsunami
March 15th, 2011 by elisa

It emerged this morning that around 450 British people are missing in the country following last Friday’s quake and tsunami. The Foreign Office fears ten are dead and it is believed around 400 will have survived, but they are likely to be hungry and homeless.

Staff at the British Consul are working with the Foreign Office to try and locate missing Brits but a spokesman for the FCO said: “It’s highly likely that between eight and 12 Brits are dead. They are in the affected areas and can’t be found. There are serious concerns for about 50 others but they still may be found.”

There are around 17,000 British nationals living in Japan, with around half being based in Tokyo.

A fire broke out at reactor number 4 after three plant explosions at Fukushima, while the fire was later extinguished there are fears that the spent nuclear fuel pool at Unit 4 might be boiling, with the water level falling sharply, which could be a more serious problem as it is not shielded by contamination units. 50 front line workers are left at the plant to monitor the situation and continue to pump seawater in to cool the reactors while they risk permanent damage to their health, described in an article in the Guardian as like the ‘nuclear power industry’s front-line soldiers’.

As the night draws in, the Japanese Government are said to still be concerned over the safety of the nuclear power plant as they monitor the reactors.

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