Predictable airport security gives terrorists advantage
November 30th, 2010 by elisa

The head of security at airport operator BAA, Ian Hutcheson, told The Guardian newspaper that the predictability of airport security measures are playing into the hands of terrorists.

He told the paper that there should be a review of how passengers are screened as they go through different airports’ security as he believes that the standardisation of security measures around the world gives terrorists an advantage.

Hutcheson told the paper: “There has to be an element of not being sure what security you are being subjected to. Most attacks on aviation are well reconnaissanced and well planned. If you have a consistent security system around the globe it is quite easy to reconnoitre that and predict it.”

 “Behavioural detection” is a technique which has so far been trialled at six UK airports in London and Scotland and is something he is in favour of developing. It invloves staff being trained on how to spot unusual behaviour in passengers while they await their flight.

The paper reports that the Hutcheson’s comments dovetail with transport secretary Philip Hammond’s plans to make airport security more flexible in the UK. Hammond has been critical of the EU and the UK government currently stipulating standard procedures that all airports must follow. He believes experts at each airport should be given the freedom to approach security as they see fit.

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