Skyscanner’s top tips to avoid increased APD fees
October 26th, 2010 by elisa

Flight comparison website Skyscanner gives its top 5 ways to limit the impact on your wallet when the Air Passenger Duty (APD) fees are increased on 1st November. Increases of up to 55%  are due to be introduced which could mean an addition of around £700 for family holidays.

The new taxation will see the following charges:

Destinations 2001-4000 miles away**: economy £60 (up from £45)/ upper class £120 (up from £90).

Destinations 4001-6000 miles away: economy £75 (up from £50) / upper class £150 (up from £100).

Destinations over 6000 miles away: £85 (from £55)/upper class £170 (up from £110)

Skyscanner’s CEO Gareth Williams says “Although APD may be increasing it doesn’t need to dampen holiday plans; travellers just need to plan carefully and hunt out the best bargains.”

The top 5 tips are as follows:

1. Check your distance – flight distance is calculated from London but this mileage is difficult to determine so some destinations could have some surprising results with regards to which bracket they fit into. See the HMRC website for full taxation details.

2. Consider destinations closer to home – Skyscanner recommends swapping destinations such as: swap Sydney for LA, New York for Barcelona or Egypt for Tunisia.

3. Consider indirect flights – this will increase flight times but could save a lot of money as flying through continental European hubs rather than direct from or transiting through UK airports will not have increased APD charges.

4. If you don’t fly remember to claim back your taxes – many people don’t realise that you should only pay the charges if you actually fly, but as charges are paid for when the flights are booked it’s often forgotten about.

5. Travellers are being invited to take a stand against APD and lobby Minister of Tourism, John Penrose. E-mail with your thoughts.

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