BA cabin crew perks returned, but at what price?
October 25th, 2010 by elisa

British Airways has put forward a new proposal to attempt to end the long-running dispute with cabin crew. It has offered to restore the basic travel concessions to crew who took strike action earlier in the year but with the proviso that they must also show three years of good behaviour before their seniority is restored.

Crew that took industrial action will also have to wait at the back of the queue for perks such as free or discounted flights.

This offer is also conditional on Unite dropping legal action against the airline. The union had threatened legal action when it claimed that removing crew’s travel perks was in breach of European human rights.

These conditions might not have been accepted at the height of the dispute but under the current climate, said representatives of Unite, this offer is ‘the best that can be achieved through negotiation’ and will put this offer to a ballot of cabin crew members later this week.

What do readers of this blog think about this latest offer? Should cabin crew members accept or is this a compromise too far?

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