Street View anyone?
October 6th, 2010 by elisa

Have you ever checked out a holiday villa on Google Street View before booking a holiday? I certainly have, it serves to give a reasonable idea of the kind of area the villa is in and the general repair of the house, it also helps for working out directions from drop off points.

According to a poll by coupon code and discount sites nearly 10% of Brits use the interactive photo map service before choosing their holiday destination and 34% among Americans do the same.

The company asked 6,286 Americans and 1,287 Brits how they decide where they will go on holiday. Almost a third of Americans said they had used it to check out the destination before deciding.

The poll found:

– 21% said that it gave them a good idea as to whether they would like it

– 42% admitted they thought they would be able to tell if it was “good value for money” based on location and surroundings

– 51% said they would compare destinations and prices before they made a decision

– 1 in 10 said they would wait for a last minute deal before booking a holiday for a chance of a cheaper holiday

– 26% said that they often returned to the same holiday destination more than once

The figures different for Brits –  9% said that they use the service for their holidays, of these over half admitted that it wouldn’t be the deciding factor and was just a way of getting an idea of where they were going.

Chairman of, Mark Pearson said: “Google Street View can most definitely be a good way to pick a holiday destination, although I don’t think anyone should ever base their decision purely on what they have seen on the site.

“Customer reviews are always a good place to start, as they will have had experience of the destination. I also think that looking at what you get for your money is a good place to start, along with looking at many different holiday companies; and, of course, the odd discount is no bad thing!”

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