Skyscanner poll reveals we don’t really like children on flights
August 25th, 2010 by elisa

Skyscannerhas revealed that 59% of travellers would like a ‘families only’ section onboard flights in a recent survey of 2,000 people.

The survey was prompted by the news that a woman claimed that a baby’s screaming on a Quantas flight made her ears bleed. It found that 68% of non-parents liked the idea, but less than a third of parents surveyed were in agreement.

It also found that almost 70% ‘wanted to sit as far away as possible from children’ and almost 25% of non-parents said that they would prefer to flights that were free from children altogether. 45% of parents said they didn’t want a families-only section because they didn’t want to sit next to ‘other people’s horrors’.

Skyscanner users also put forward suggestions as to how to solve the problem of noisy children on flights, these included the provision of a baby nursery, only allowing well-behaved children to travel, and on user (we hope as a joke) suggested “children should go in the hold”!

Skyscanner PR manager Mary Porter said: “As a relatively new mum myself I can still remember that feeling of dread when you found yourself seated next to a baby on a long flight; however since regularly flying with my one year old, I am much more aware of what a stressful, and often embarrassing, situation it can be for parents.

“However, I’m not surprised that in a previous poll we found young children were deemed to be the “most annoying” factor on flights. When tempers are frayed, a screaming child can cause a major disturbance for fellow passengers.

“If passengers are prepared to pay extra for child-free flying, perhaps the solution is a premium adults-only section, rather than a pre-allocated families section, giving airlines yet another extra they can charge for?

“I am sure this service would prove really popular on routes that attract a lot of families such as flights to Orlando.”

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