Budget airlines price hikes
April 15th, 2010 by elisa

The budget airlines are hiking their prices again! The last blog I did was on Ryanair’s baggage hike to £20 each way and it seems that some of the other low cost airlines are hiking their various fees as well. Sticking with Ryanair, it will charge you £40 to check in if you forget to print out your boarding pass online, rather than £10, so make sure to bring your printouts!

EasyJethas changed its baggage checking to £9 for pre-booked luggage and £18 if you don’t pre-book. It’s also useful to know that they have also added a charge of £1 for credit-card bookings.

Flybe has also added a £9 charge per person for return flights if you book by credit card. They have also increased their baggage checking fees.

There are some tips from which can help to reduce and avoid many unnecessary charges which I think are particularly helpful to keep costs down:

  • Avoid charges of up to £10 for paying by credit or debit card by using a pre-paid Visa Electron for most airlines and a pre-paid Mastercard for Ryanair.
  • Keep an eye out for insurance automatically being added on to your journey, if you do not want this make sure you uncheck the box.
  • There is often a free 10kg hand-baggage allowance for budget airlines, so take advantage of this if you are going for a short time by packing sensibly and wearing your heaviest clothes on the flight.
  • has an excellent resource for finding the cheapest flights around with its FlightChecker tool which can be found here.

If anyone else has any more money-saving tips and ways to avoid charges etc, then please post them here!

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