Ice in fuel system probable cause of BA crash
February 10th, 2010 by elisa

A build up of ice in the fuel system has been identified as the probable cause of the crash landing of a British Airways Boeing 777 at Heathrow on 17th January 2008. The aircraft lost power to both engines because of restricted fuel flow, according to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

The report said ice had probably formed within the fuel system from water that occurred naturally in the fuel, the BBC has recently reported.

 The report said the crew had become aware of a possible engine thrust problem only 43 seconds from touchdown as the aircraft flew in to London from Beijing. Crew tried to increase engine thrust as the aircraft lost speed but there was no response from the engines, a mayday call was made three seconds before the plane touched down. There wasn’t enough time for the flight crew to brief the cabin crew or issue a command for passengers to brace themselves, the report said. Fortunately none of the 152 people on board the aircraft were seriously injured in the crash.

The AAIB said 18 safety recommendations have been made.

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