US Aviation Security Tightened
December 29th, 2009 by elisa

US aviation security has been stepped up after a failed attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines aircraft flying to Detroit from Amsterdam on Christmas Day.

Passengers flying to the US can expect increased gate screening, including pat-downs and bag searches, according to the country’s Transportation Security Administration. Travellers on international flights are also being instructed to remain seated for the final hour before landing and will not have access to carry-on baggage.

International passengers are to arrive at the airport an hour earlier than usual due to increased security screening.

Kevin Mitchell of the US-based Business Travel Coalition, said of the new procedures: “The restrictions ordered by the Transportation Security Administration on passenger movement and use of personal items during the one-hour period prior to landing in the US would defy logic if they are kept in place longer than what near-term security precautions warrant. Someone wanting to terrorize would simply endeavour to do so 65 minutes prior to landing, or during the beginning or middle of a flight.”

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