Ban older style aircraft to help cut emissions
December 9th, 2009 by elisa

Older, polluting aircraft should be banned to set minimum standards for emissions, according to EasyJet‘s chief executive Andy Harrison. Responding to the the Climate Change Committee’s report on the future of aviation, he said: “The key to sustainable aviation is technology not taxation, and the way to make sure it happens is by setting minimum standards for aircraft emissions.

“We already have minimum standards for everything from cars to refrigerators, so limiting the emissions an aircraft produces is the obvious solution. We didn’t tax CFCs, we simply banned them and it worked, in same way that banning old aircraft would work.

“If an approach works well in so many sectors, why not copy it to ensure that airlines use the most modern aircraft and aircraft manufacturers bring forward the next generation of aircraft much sooner?”

Jeff Gazzard, board member of lobby group the Aviation Environment Federation, said: “The Committee on Climate Change has placed once-and-for all limits on aviation expansion and the onus is now firmly on the industry to deliver actual low carbon growth, not just talk about it.

“Passenger and flight limits plus demand management in the form of realistic carbon pricing are long overdue, as is a complete revision of the 2003 White Paper.

“The capital costs of expanding airports particularly in London and the South East are firmly under the microscope as airport businesses will now have to invest and operate in a demand-constrained framework through to 2050 that must curtail their aggressive plans for Heathrow, Gatwick andStansted.”

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