Skyscanner and cheap flights
November 9th, 2009 by Tom Kerswill

I was interested to read Elisa’s blog post 10 days ago, about Skyscanner’s massive rate of growth. I’ve been using the site for a few years now, and it really excels as a way to find cheap flights. They’ve been rolling out several improvements recently, including adding localised versions of their site to attract international traffic.

It’s had a few stops and starts — for example, Ryanair blocked Skyscanner from displaying information on Ryanair flights a year or so ago. But this has all seemingly been ironed out. When used in conjunction with Ryanair’s occasional penny flights sales, it really comes into its own.

Ryanair’s own website is pretty depressing to use — and it can be hard to find the cheapest flights .The great thing about Skyscanner is that it can display a graph of a whole month of flights — so if you’re flexible about where and when you go, you can get a pretty good deal.

For example, I flew from Liverpool to Oslo last week for just a penny (including all the taxes). I then flew back from Oslo to Edinburgh (for a fiver) before getting the train back to Manchester.

There are a few catches when planning a trip like this — for example, to get that price you have to pay on electron card, and you can only take hand luggage. Plus, we were flying to Oslo Torp, which is 110km away from Oslo — and the bus there and back costs around £33.

Still, Skyscanner makes those elusive penny flights reachable—and with a bit of creative thinking and flexibility, you can plan a pretty interesting holiday on a shoe string.

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